MALAGA-ALMERIA. The road of death.


The idea is that of an ultrarunning friend, Paco Eltziar, a hard case that tried to run from Málaga to Almería solo in 2008 (more than 200 Km.) by the N-340- “The road of Death”, to pay personal  homage to the victims of 37 (“la desbandá”-Spanish Civil war).
Last year (2009) year Paco Eltziar, Peri, Mark (El inglés), and Quino (on bicycle) helped him in achieving this aim to pay homage to the thousands of people who died in 1937 whilst making their desperate journey from Málaga to Almería. We ran non stop to Almeria, from Malaga. A total distance of 210 kms in just under 36 hours.

On the 6th of February 1937 during the Spanish civil war, Malaga fell under control of the Franco army, which provoked a mass exodus of refugees from the city that fled to Almería by the N340 coast road. It is estimated that 150.000 people actually fled from Malaga, who were systematically bombarded by Italian and German warships and aircraft to such an extent that only some 30,000 actually made it to Almería. The level of massacre was so high that even during the 1960s it was still possible to find corpses and skeletons lying along the roadside.

The idea is to leave from the centre of Malaga on Saturday the 6th February at the town hall at 6 in the morning and arrive in Almeria Sunday afternoon/evening. The team will run non stop. Nothing is officially organised, everything is self supporting.

We would like to invite anybody that wishes to do so, to join us in this epic journey, but we also point out that you can join us for just a short section along the road if that is what you wish. However, any athlete that decides to join us must make their own arrangements with respect to support. They cannot rely on us. We will carry a mobile telephone and anybody wishing to join up along the route can find out where we are by calling us on 687 581 769.

On the other hand, we invite anybody that wishes to take part, all be it not running then they may make a financial donation to the charity “Medicos sin Fronteras”. We chose this charity, not only for its political neutrality but also in memory of the Canadian doctor Norman Bethune, who, as a volunteer attended to the sick and wounded during this epic journey.

We believe that the most dignified way to respect the dead and use the memory of the refugees and the “road of death” is to help the refugees and the people affected by wars and armed conflicts of today. We believe in humanity and right now there are many people suffering in the same way that so many people suffered in that time (6 February 1937) along the road from Malaga to Almeria 72 years ago. For these reasons we are undertaking this journey with the support and collaboration of “Medicos sin Fronteras”, one of the major charity organizations that are involved with helping refugees in conflict zones. We ask that all athletes and non athletes who read this news to make a donation to the MSF account La Caixa de MSF Nº: 2100 3063 992200110010.  In the transfer concept please write “Carretera de la muerte”. Or if you prefer you can make a donation on line at If you could then send an email to, or to we can then publish a list of all the people that have helped. An official certificate can be obtained from MSF for tax deductions and all of the funds raised will be destined to helping refugees

Please help us to never forget what happened by doing something that makes a difference now.


Paco y Mark

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